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Easy to use
Easy to use. Low fees. User friendly. Just have a look how many payment gateways they support. Established tool. Highly recommend. I’m just hoping they update UX/UI as it seems quite a bit outdated to me.
David Kocsis
Jun 2, 2022
Simple yet effective platform for freelancers and small businesses
The staff of the Sellix platform is amazing. Premium discord support too. No need to wait for a ticket queue or email response. There’s no hidden costs unlike some other eCommerce sites that randomly takes “admin fees” from your bank card without informing you. The way they simplified integration of so many things such as custom domains and custom email domains is amazing. They offer subscription models that are not over expensive for freelancers and offer business solutions. Plus side is there’s also a free tier that should offer more than enough options for someone to get started They also provide an extensive API for developers looking to integrate the Sellix platform into their backend.
Adriaan Boshoff
Oct 13, 2022
The sellix support is perfect , thanks Filip!
The sellix support is perfect. I got the support employee with the name Filip. I had a issue with my order on sellix and filip solved that issue fast and friendly. I felt like I was in good hands. Thank you again Filip.
Tim Peters
Nov 18, 2022
Sellix really changed my life
Normally I never write reviews, but I will write one for Sellix. I am using Sellix for almost a year now and it really changed my life. I quit my real job and started to focus on my Sellix store, with really good results :) I would suggest everyone to start using Sellix!
Jun 30, 2022
Our favourite eCommerce solution.
Arguably one of the best custom digital shop platforms & eCommerce solutions out there. Our company been heavily dependant on Sellix for the past 3 years and we couldn’t recommend it more, They offer a flawless and easy-to-use platform for both selling and delivering digital assets with custom domains and custom email domains as options! - as well as tons of payment solutions via various payment gateways as well as a complete developer API for automating all the backend work, They also offer a complete and functional free plan and as your shop grows you get to choose a variety of other cheap plans in which you get specific features, Not to mention the awesome plugins. Their support team is incredible at handling all sort of issues quickly and will always take the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied!
Sewnkin Development
Oct 14, 2022
Made more than $10k with them
Made more than $10k with them, their product is incredible & their customer service is even better. It’s way better than Gumroad, who froze my money and never responded to my emails.
Oct 11, 2022
Product is developed on a daily basis
Product is developed on a daily basis, features are user-first oriented and suggestions are taking in count. What else one can ask for?
Rhino Dose
Oct 28, 2022
Reliable and honest platform
Hi, I’m a seller and I’ve been using Sellix exclusively for sales with crypto over past few months and my experience is very positive. Sellix just works, it does the job right. To clarify from the beginning, I’m using Pro plan - $29.99/mo, which is totally worth it for me and the 2% difference in fees covers the price. Sellix gives you flexible payout options. Even for ETH which may have high gas fees it gives you an option to bill you for fees monthly separately instead of doing it every transaction, which can help you save up a lot. Sellix provides most product type options to setup sales, such as Serials, for example, where you may sell keys/codes and users will automatically receive them.
Te Go
Jun 7, 2022
Been using sellix more than year and…
Been using sellix more than year and never had any issue. 10/10 support and quality. Would recommend to everyone to use it
Nov 25, 2022
Most helpful Support.
Daniele was probably the most helpful person I’ve met on the internet in awhile. Really straight forward and to the point and helped fix multiple issues. Great guy and had a great time.
Precision LUA
Jun 8, 2022
Great service
Great service, been using it for years now. Haven’t ever had any issues and support has been quick to reply to any problems. Sellix is constantly adding new features which is great as a shop owner. I’ve used tons of e-commerce sites similar to this (Shoppy, Selly, Payivy) and this has been by-far the best. Props to you guys, keep doing what you’re doing.
Aug 5, 2022
Sellix has been extremely awesome.
I have one issue I was gonna add to this review. But after I mentioned it to support, the fixed the issue right away, within 10 minutes lol. So no bad things mentioned in this review. has some extremely awesome features I can have a lot of payment providers on my sellix shop. Keep track of every single purchase.
Sep 2, 2022
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