Make a dazzling first impression with a professional customization options to fit your business.
A Custom Domain
With multiple domain and 50+ additional domains support, you can brand your business how you want.
No Code Required
Make a dazzling first impression with a professional domain customized to fit your business.
Unlike other platforms, Sellix doesn’t limit your SEO potential for growth. When we grow, you grow.
Rapid Setup and Deployments
Once setup, a custom domain will go live within minutes. Easily connect, point, and sell.
Product Embeds for your Own Brand
It’s simple. If a Sellix-powered shop or custom shop doesn’t fit, you can always embed products to your own.
Setup in Seconds
Create a customized button to sell your software, accounts, or services online.
Embed It Anywhere
Copy-and-paste a code snippet into any site, all with a powerful development community for your success.
Sell Your Products
Your customers will be able to buy your products from their computer or mobile device without leaving the page.
Make it yours with a HTML/CSS editor
In minutes you can take your shop to the next level with an advanced code editor catered for you.
State-of-the-Art Themes
Choose one of our fully-customizable, professionally-designed themes, then tailor it to your products and branding.
No Need to Start from Scratch
You’re backed by a community of developers that’s focus is to see others succeed. Along with our powerful documentation, the only way is up.
Switch to Sellix and We’ll Transfer it All
On any premium plan, we’ll import your feedback from any other ecommerce platform.
Start with Visibility
We understand the difficulty in starting over. Which is precisely why we offer transfers.
Not Available with Others
Migrations is new and 100% exclusive to Sellix shops; you won’t find it on any other digital ecommerce platform!
We’re Here to Help 24/7/365
We strive for inbox zero every day, and support is our #1 selling point.
Ready to Sell?
Being your own boss has never been this rewarding. Launch your business online with Sellix - a powerful e-commerce solution that lets you create a custom store in just a couple of clicks.