Fraud Shield
Stop blocking legitimate customers, and start blocking fraudulent customers. Your shop is protected all day, all night.
Online Risk, Eliminated
Our powerful fraud prevention tools protects your shop and blocks fraudulent transactions in seconds.
Regulation Compliance
We manage compliance with all major global regulations, including PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA.
Block Fraudulent Customers
Powered by our fraud prevention software, Sellix ensures the stability and security of your products all day, all night.
World-Class Fraud Prevention
Ditch platforms that fail to protect your integrity as a digital entrepreneur. We use world-class software to power our security apparatus as well as using protection that scales with you.
Your Business, Your Rules
Setup powerful blacklist and whitelist field based on IP, Country, Email, Hosts, and more.
Cut Dispute Rates in Half
Alongside our blocking tools & features, our partners take on the responsibility to manage and minimize chargebacks on your behalf.
Join Our Community of Enthusiasts
Everyone is invited to our global community of entrepreneurs, developers and professionals. We’re super-stoked about the security in digital commerce.
Your Account, Safely Secured
Account security taken to the next level with a focus on multiple methods of authentication.
Ready to Sell?
Being your own boss has never been this rewarding. Launch your business online with Sellix - a powerful e-commerce solution that lets you create a custom store in just a couple of clicks.