Understand your customers and keep them coming back for more. Explore deep analytics, tickets & manager features of your shop.
Tickets for Modern Businesses
Support is important. Which is why we’ve integrated at the core of Sellix. Provide support from your dashboard.
Provide 24/7 Support
24/7 customer support is important. So important that it will grow your revenue by up to 85%.
Integrations with Crisp Chat
The popular free chat management system integrates directly into your Sellix storefront in seconds.
Detailed, Forever-Saved Transcripts
Daily backups, and access to customer order information, email, and other critical data you keep your support system at the top.
Advanced Data and Sales Insights
Understand your customers and keep them coming back for more. View deep analytics of your shop.
Run your Business from a Single Place
There’s no need to connect multiple analytics and data platforms when everything is provided to live and clarified.
Designed for you, No Matter the Industry
Advanced analytics from shop views, product orders, daily, weekly, monthly, and total revenue, as well as tickets all situated in your dashboard.
Team Members for your Business
Easily invite & control access for managers to your shop. All with our simple management suite.
Ready to Sell?
Being your own boss has never been this rewarding. Launch your business online with Sellix - a powerful e-commerce solution that lets you create a custom store in just a couple of clicks.