Replace dozens of tools, save money, and market your entire ecommerce business from anywhere with one simple platform.
1-Click Upsells to Grow Sales
Upselling encourages customers to buy more similar products together as a bundle or package.
Coupon-Based discounts
Alongside our powerful payments, it only takes a few clicks to setup a 5%, 25% of 100% off coupon for use by your customers.
Increase Order Sales
This is a great way to increase the size of your orders by giving your customer a great deal on adding additional products to their purchase.
Email Marketing Integrations
Connecting with your customers has never been easier with Sellix’s straightforward email marketing tools.
Third-Party Integration
Connect your Sellix shop to Mailchimp and setup rules for email deliveries. All for the love of emails.
Directly to your Customers’ Inbox
Easily send out product announcements, cart abandonment, and feedback requests directly to your customers inbox.
Do More with Automation
Automate repetitive tasks to reach the right person at the right time without delay with powerful email integrations.
Instant Product Updates
Easily send out product announcements, stock alerts, and feedback directly to your Discord.
Community-First Approach
The future of community is here. Our discord bot fits the use case in providing roles to your customers based on their purchase.
Full Storefront Included
With every plan, a high-converting digital shop where you can sell any type of digital goods. Easily set up within seconds.
A Shopping Cart of the Future
The easiest way for customers to purchase multiple products at multiple quantities from your shop at once.
More than Just a Shop Page
With everything on a single platform, you don’t have to choose just one type of digital product. You choose what you want to sell, and how you want to sell it.
Commissions Sent Out Daily
Payouts are sent directly to your Stripe account. You are also able to redeem credits for our Pro and Business subscriptions.
Affiliate Marketing Built for You
Inviting your friends, family, and foes to build their digital commerce empire and being rewarded.
Grow your Income, Literally
By inviting any shop, you’ll receive 1% of forever revenue and 5% of subscription purchases. When a shop invited makes money, you make money.
Commissions Sent Out Daily
Payouts are sent directly to your Stripe account. You are also able to redeem credits for our Pro and Business subscriptions.
Promo & Volume-Based Discounts
Manage promotions and grant discounts to all or individual customers, for a specific time period.
Powerful Discount Rules
These discounts will give customers X% of a discount if they purchase Y amount of product quantity. For example, for 100 stock with a 50% volume discount, the price is $9.99, where previously would be $19.99.
A Focus for Loyalty
Reward your customers based on certain promotions and milestones from your business.
Ready to Sell?
Being your own boss has never been this rewarding. Launch your business online with Sellix - a powerful e-commerce solution that lets you create a custom store in just a couple of clicks.