Straightforward revenue collection. Integrate a gateway and collect earnings directly in your bank account, or crypto wallet.
Painless Crypto Setup
With support for the most popular cryptocurrencies, Sellix sends payouts directly to your wallet.
In-House Infrastructure
We’ve developed our own processing method that makes it easy to identify, confirm, and process cryptos.
Secure & Fast Confirmations
Fast and safe. Two things that matter the most to your customers when purchasing a product online.
Cheapest Processing Fees
Unlike other popular platforms, Sellix takes the lowest fees in comparison — by a longshot.
Most Powerful API
A next-generation API that allows you to build on top of Sellix’s extraordinary features.
Secure and scale-enabled automation of real time notifications about your orders.
Detailed Documentation
Sellix's intuitive and clear documentation makes it easy to iterate as your business grows and changes.
Fast Operations, Faster Growth
Build straight to the point with the most crucial stack – all from a single platform. Unlock your API key in seconds.
Built for Developers
Sellix's intuitive and clear documentation make it easy to iterate as your business grows and changes.
Instant Payouts
Don’t wait for 14 days, 30 days, or even 6 months for your hard-earned cash. Payouts are sent out instantly.
Multi-Currency Support
Our mission is to get entrepreneurs paid and that’s why we support 33 of the largest international currencies.
Modern, Secure Payouts
Simply connect your gateway, or wallet and get paid. As easy as 1, 2, 3.
Payouts without the Hassle
For cryptocurrencies, it can get messy. With Sellix, it’s as simple as connecting your wallet and making a sale.
Payment Gateways
Simple, seamless integration with Stripe, PayPal, CashApp, Venmo and major cryptocurrencies.
The most popular way to pay online. Use a gateway that your customers know and love.
Connecting PayPal enables you to accept